How do I avoid infringing someone else’s IP?


How do I avoid infringing someone else’s IP Joe?

Again another common question student and graduate startups ask me.

There are a few simple steps you can take to reduce the chances of infringement:

  • Competitor Analysis – Start with a basic Google search; Does your business idea overlap with other solutions already on the market?
  • IP Database Search – For instance want to check whether someone is already using your name or a similar name for their product?  Why not double check the Trademarks database? Many of the databases are free to access by members of the public.
  • Undertake the above as soon as you generate your business idea. Do not leave taking these steps until you have gone into production for example. Otherwise you may end up paying a hefty price…
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As soon as you think of your business idea do not proceed until you have checked whether someone else is doing the same or similar. The above checklist is a start…

Hope you found this useful.


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