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Copyright – The Swiss Army Knife of Intellectual Property Rights

Photo Credit: Eberhard Grossgasteiger Copyright – Not just for ‘creative types’ Whilst copyright protects creative works; it is the wide definition given to such works that should be of interest to startups. Even mundane website content including images, videos and text for example are all potentially protectable by copyright providing of course the originality requirement can be met.  Couple this with the fact…

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Trade Marks – Logos are not the only Fruit

Photo Credit: Kristian Ekelnd Trade marks can protect so much more than just brand logos I think it’s a given that entrepreneurs understand that protecting their company logo should be high on their list of priorities; and in my experience they also know that the way to do this is by applying for a trade mark. Furthermore the UK Intellectual…

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Patents – Not Just The Playground of Big Pharma and Big Tech

Photo Credit: Proxyclick Visitor Management System Patents aren’t just for the ‘big boys’ Contrary to popular belief, patents should be a priority for prelaunch startups. There are a huge number of patents covering almost every product you can buy, so patents are clearly obtainable providing you get the right advice and have an innovative product to patent. Here are some examples of…

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